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Second International Workshop on Genetics, Medicine & History

11th-12th May, 2005, Brno, Czech Republic

This workshop has now been successfully achieved and, from the feedback received, was both successful and enjoyable, bringing together 52 people from 20 countries. Probably its greatest lasting value will prove to be the contacts made between workers from different countries, and between historians and geneticists.

We have placed on the website the full programme book including the abstracts, so that those unable to attend can see what was discussed, and can have the contact addresses of participants. We have also provided a photo tour, since the unique environment of Mendel's St Thomas Abbey played a large part in the success of the workshop. Finally, we have included the workshop report sent to Wellcome Trust, who kindly supported the workshop financially.

Workshop photo tour.

Compiled by Flo Ticehurst with contributions from others.