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Organisations Related to Human and Medical Genetics

British Society for Human Genetics (now British Society for Genetic Medicine)

Some of the records of this and its constituent societies (listed below) have been digitised:

Clinical Genetics Society

Clinical Molecular Genetics Society

Association of Genetics Nurses and Social Workers

Genetical Society (now renamed as Genetics Society)
All the Society's records are archived at John Innes Centre ( but none digitised apart from a few pages from the original minute book documented the establishment of the Society by William Bateson in 1919 [see images and also Harper PS. William Bateson, human genetics and medicine. Hum Genet (2005) 118: 141-151].
Although much material is unrelated to human genetics, some, especially the early material, is and is of considerable historical importance.

Joint Committee on Medical Genetics Services
Formed in 1999 by Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Pathologists and British Society for Human Genetics, all minutes and other details are on the website given above.

Royal College of Physicians Clinical Genetics Committee
The complete set of minutes of this committee, initiated in 1984 and subsumed into the Joint Committee on Medical Genetics in 1998, are contained in bound volumes available for inspection in the College library, but are not digitised.
See attached note.

Royal College of Physicians Clinical Genetics Reports
This extensive series is available for purchase from the College but is not yet digitised. A full set is in the Human Genetics Historical Library.

Annals of Human Genetics (originally Annals of Eugenics).
Editorial records are preserved at the Galton Laboratory, University College London). It is hoped that they will be catalogued and permanently housed in the UCL Archives The journal itself is currently being digitised. Successively edited by Karl Pearson, RA Fisher and Lionel Penrose, this journal is of key historical importance.

Medical Research Council (MRC) Committee on Human Genetics.
Minutes of this committee, active between 1935 and the outbreak of World War 2, form part of the MRC records in the National Archives, Kew.

MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh
Important material relating to the establishment and early research of the Unit, notably the effects of atomic radiation and the first detection of human chromosome anomalies, is archived at the Library of the Unit.

MRC Blood Group Unit, London
Records are archived at Wellcome Library This Unit (1935-1995), under RR Race and Ruth Sanger, played a major role in understanding the genetic basis of human blood groups.

MRC documents on other research units relating to human genetics
These are likely to exist in the National Archives at Kew These include the MRC Clinical Genetics Unit, Institute of Child Health (directors John Fraser Roberts, Cedric Carter).

Department of Health
Records on development of medical genetics may exist, as may more recent records related to the ‘Genetics White Paper initiative.

Royal Society of Medicine, London
The library contains some rare early books and journals related to genetics; also the complete proceedings of the important 1908 conference on Heredity and Medicine held at RSM, has been digitised.

Human Genetics Commision (HGC)
HGC and its predecessor committees are part of the Department of Health (DOH)

Journal of Medical Genetics
The original UK journal in the field, part of BMJ specialist journals. All back numbers are now digitised (

Eugenics Society (now renamed as Galton Institute)
The Society’s library was donated to Wellcome Library, but other material may still be with the Galton Institute (Not to be confused with Galton Laboratory).