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Audioclips from interviews with pioneers of human cytogenetics

Interviews with Pioneers of Human Cytogenetics

These audio recordings are extracts from a series of longer interviews undertaken by Professor Peter Harper, originally forming part of the book ‘First Years of Human Chromosomes’ (Harper PS, Scion, 2006).   These excerpts can also be found on the Scion website (

Track 01: Introduction

Track 02: Professors Ewart (Mike) Bertram and Keith Moore

Track 03: Professor Maj Hulten

Track 04: Professor John Hamerton

Track 05: Dr Edward Evans

Track 06: Professor Paul Polani

Track 07: Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith

Track 08: Professor David Harnden

Track 09: Professor Patricia Jacobs

Track 10: Mrs Muriel Lee

Track 11: Professor John Edwards

All material is placed here with the consent of the interviewees.